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Find out about Harvest Joy Design quality produce photography from the ground up in California


rejoice always

Hi I’m Alexandra Rae. I am an agriculture expert and marketer sharing food and farm stories from the ground up through photography. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of our food. It’s important to me that I capture the hard work and JOY that companies put into harvest from the ground up.

I grew up in a small farming town on the Central Coast where the only traffic was from driving behind a tractor. My family lived 30 minutes away from town (lucky to find cell phone reception) which I didn’t mind it one bit until I would forget to grab butter from the store. Horse back riding was my life and I spent every moment I could outside. When it came to picking a major at Cal Poly SLO, the only thing I wanted to study was Agriculture. 

On the first day of class in my Agriculture Communications major, I realized I selected the wrong major. I wanted to learn all aspects of the farming business and switched into Agriculture Business. Best four years of my life consisted of growing relationships with friends in the industry. After college, I got my first job with Grimmway Farms as a Sales Merchandiser in San Diego. I wasn’t ready to move to Bakersfield for a marketing position so I took a job with a medical company as Marketing Supervisor and started Harvest Joy in 2016!

I chose the name Harvest Joy because I get a joyful reaction from farmers whenever I ask them questions. I’m blessed to work with such humble, hardworking people.