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Find out about Harvest Joy Design quality produce photography from the ground up in California


rejoice always

I grew up with horses on the Central Coast of California. We lived thirty minutes outside of town in the country. Farms were a part of the scenery on the drive home and you were likely to get stuck driving behind a tractor. My days consisted of anything outdoors and you couldn't pay me enough to stay inside.

When it came to picking a major at Cal Poly SLO, the only thing I wanted to study was Agriculture Business. I wanted to use my creativity in the produce industry, and here I am!

There is a story behind every farm. I am passionate about learning that story and helping farmers capture the hard work they put into growing their harvest from the ground up. My photos use a natural light setting, as it was intended. You can typically find me in my boots taking photos in a field. I can't wait to help you capture your story next!


Alexandra Rae